Joshua Voiles
Smattering Of Psyche

My nerves are wracked.

There’s a pounding in my ears. An incessantly nagging awareness of my pulse.

I can almost feel the blood swirling throughout my body. Too much of it, too fast.

The rush of adrenalin, accompanied by nervous laughter.

I twitch. I stutter. I talk deeper than usual, and then I’m squealing like a pig.

Excitement looks the same way to the ECG monitor.

So what do I choose, as I cross another line I naively sketched in the sand many years ago? Or do I only see that version of myself as naive because I’m warping my foggy memories with my new perspective?

Either way, what do I give into, as I push the envelope intensely… determined to step outside the edge of my comfort zone into greater maybes. Grander perhaps’.

I’m grateful to be here. I’m grateful to have this chance. So many of us are struggling to put food into our bodies, let alone develop ourselves and pursue our goals and dreams.

It’s hard to give a crap about much else when your stomach is empty.

So breath in. Take the plunge.

You’ll only walk as far as you tell your legs to carry you.

The self-proclaimed cheif-executive of NASA once said, “DBAFP” (censored).

Learn to crow.

I welcome the sloppy smattering of inspirational quotes and overly-idealistic catchphrases that will motivate me to take the next step forward into the unknown.

You cheesy, hyped-up idioms, I summon thee hither.

I give myself the gift of giving, and in the giving, I receive.


In celebration of fear and Halloween, my sweetheart Mari made a truly insightful and hilarious little video. It also showcases some very bizarre phobias… Check it out!


Here’s the mantra that will get you anything and everything you want in life, 100% of the time…

Theory and Rhetoric

We can spend all day long brainstorming.

Feeling the juices flow, the excitement flood through us as we scheme and dream about our amazing ideas.

As we map things out with projections and “what if’s” and stimulating best-case and worst-case scenarios.

We’ve thought it all through.

All of the things that we could do to change the world, to become rich, to create a legacy.

And all the while, people complain and groan, “someone stole my idea.”

It’s time to steal the execution.

Action is what creates movement.

We take action so we can make all of the crucial mistakes necessary in order for us to succeed.

Consider for a moment that you may be a coward and a thief in each moment that you decide to hoard your big idea instead of unleashing it in the world.

There are people out there that need you. Don’t make them wait.

Remember that you will NEVER conquer fear, but you might learn to be good at stepping through it. That’s worth practicing.

Why are you still reading this? Go forth and create.